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‘It’ star attends screening of film at Chandler theater

(Facebook Photo/Your Buddy Patton Images)

PHOENIX — Attendees at a Chandler theater’s screening of the new box office hit “It” may have noticed a familiar face from the film sitting in the audience.

Jackson Robert Scott, who played Georgie in the remake of the movie, took in the film over the weekend at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema located near Chandler Heights Road and Arizona Avenue.

The theater said Scott decided to make an appearance after his mother reached out about hosting a screening for friends and family. She wanted to host it there because she had been to the theater before and enjoyed it.

Scott was dressed in his costume from the film, including a yellow rain jacket and black galoshes. He carried a red balloon and a small paper boat with him as well.

For those who have not seen the movie or read the Stephen King novel, the red balloon means the movie’s monster — often portrayed as a clown named Pennywise — is watching.

In the film, Georgie chases a paper boat but the little watercraft falls into a sewer. When he looks to see where the boat went, he’s met by Pennywise. It’s one of the movie’s iconic scenes and — we don’t want to give anything away — but let’s say things don’t end well for Georgie.

Scott also recorded a no-texting announcement to be played before movies that included his famous line, “You’ll float too.”

“It,” released Friday, has already become a big hit at the box office. The film made $123.4 million in the opening weekend.

The movie has also caused a spike in terrifying clown-related pranks.

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