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Opinion: Clinton investigations should be cautionary tales for Trump

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President Bill Clinton and President Donald Trump serve as perfect examples of why the National Security Agency needs to keep its nose out of our business.

Let’s first take a little trip back to the days of the Clinton presidency. You may remember an investigation into some real estate dealings that the Clintons were involved in known as the Whitewater scandal.

Although there was a lot of smoke, there was no gun. The Clintons were cleared in the investigation.

However, during the Whitewater investigation, an inappropriate relationship between Clinton and a soon-to-be-famous White House intern was discovered.

They dug so deep into a real estate transaction (and the White House FBI controversy and the White House travel controversy) that they found an affair with an intern years later! Not surprisingly, the evidence was handed to the investigator by the subject of an earlier Clinton scandal, Linda Tripp.

Whitewater has many similarities to the investigation into Trump by special counsel Robert Mueller.

Trump has good reason to worry about this investigation whether he had dealings with the Russians or not because Mueller is going to dig deep.

Mueller is basically Agent Simmons in the first “Transformers” movie. He has an, “I can do whatever I want and get away with it” badge.

Think about it: Like the Whitewater investigators, he has been tasked by the legislative branch to investigate the executive branch. What kind of clearance do you think that comes with? Right.

The president has the right to fire Mueller. If he does, he’s been assured by our own Republican Sen. Jeff Flake that he would be immediately hired for their investigation.

Mueller not only has the keys to the castle, he has protection! That is why Trump should be losing some of the little sleep he gets.

All of his business dealings will be dissected and analyzed. They will scrutinize every deal — from real estate to casinos to “The Apprentice” to the guy he bought his first limousine from.

Do you think you can make a Trump-sized omelet with breaking a few laws eggs? No. Nor can you rise to the highest office in the land.

Yes, even your favorite president. Yes, that one. They all have skeletons in their respective closets.

Which brings me to my point about the NSA.

After Edward Snowden let it slip that our conversations were being recorded, the powers that be quickly reassured us that only bad guys were being recorded. Then it became good guys that might have spoken with bad guys. Then everybody.

I would get in arguments with my friends and colleagues that would say, “I don’t care. I have nothing to hide.” Really?

If someone digs deep enough, they can and will find something on all of us.

As a matter of fact, they don’t have to dig too deep. According to a book and study by Harvey Silvergate, because federal law has become “impossibly broad and vague,” the average American unwittingly commits three felonies per day!

Now let’s say Silvergate was padding the numbers to sell some books. Would one every three days be more like it? How about one every three years?

Doesn’t matter. It becomes dirt that someone can dig up and bury you with.

Where is all of this information stored? According to Snowden: It’s at the NSA. Oh, and don’t forget about how much Google knows about you. Your entire internet life and now, home life thanks to Google Home, is just one subpoena away.

No, I don’t have my tin foil hat on. I don’t think my government is coming to get me. But I do think that it is worth warning those that have aspirations of climbing the ranks to the corner office or even the highest office in the land.

The more you achieve, the bigger target that you wear. If those that are threatened by you want to find character destroying dirt, they can and will find it.

Just ask Clinton and Trump.

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