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Watch a brave goose square off with an elephant

Yes, you read that title correctly. A goose tried to fight an elephant.

In a video uploaded by Melanie Stevens with no details as to where the encounter took place, a crowd watches on as a goose and elephant go toe-to-toe.

It starts with the elephant occasionally dousing the goose with water as a goose stares back. But once the elephant turns its back, the goose flies over and appears to be biting the elephant’s ear.

The goose then wisely retreats, but then foolishly decides to not take the victory and continue to challenge the elephant.

That’s where the elephant gets a few charges and stomps off on the goose.

Once again, the goose flies at the elephant. This time, the elephant lets off a warning as the goose retreats. Then, the elephant challenges another bird, a chicken.

Fed up with the affair, the elephant charges the goose again with another roar before they end the squabble back at square one.

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