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Coyote Buttes
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Arizona’s Coyote Buttes among the ‘World’s Strangest Natural Wonders’

(Flickr Photo/Nalan Aeon)

PHOENIX — Our planet is full of odd — yet somehow natural — phenomena. And it just so happens that one of those wonders, Coyote Buttes, is in Arizona.

Coyote Buttes, which straddle the Utah-Arizona border, feature a formation called “The Wave.” It’s a sandstone formation features varying colors and is shaped almost like a bowl. It was previously called one of Earth’s “most colorful places” by Travel + Leisure magazine.

Now, the same magazine is pointing to Coyote Buttes’ “The Wave” as one of the strangest natural wonders on Earth. Travel + Leisure wrote:

“Wind and rain have worked their magic, eroding lines that swoop and swirl across the sandstone formation. The result, which resembles a cresting wave, is one of the most photographed — if not easy to reach — spots in the American West. A permit is required to make the unmarked hike to the Wave, and only 20 are given out daily. It’s almost easier to make the journey to southwest Australia to see the Wave’s down under counterpart, Wave Rock.”

Other “wonders” on Travel + Leisure’s list included Sarisariñama Sinkholes in Venezuela, White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, the “sailing stones” in Death Valley, California and more.

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