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Police looking for leads in two Phoenix robberies

An armed robbery of a phone store but only one phone was taken.

Phoenix Police Detective Kim Neis said it happened on Wednesday, Nov. 16, 2016 at 32nd and Roosevelt streets.

“Two suspects entered the Metro PCS store and the first one began distracting the clerk, asking about promotions, while the second appeared to be guarding the door,” Neis said.

The man appeared to pull something, possibly a weapon, from his waistband. He demanded money and the clerk’s cell phone. The second man never left his post near the front door where, it’s obvious from surveillance video, that he was acting as look-out.

No getaway car was found.  The employee wasn’t hurt.

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Next, two guys pulled off the heist of thousands of dollars worth of tools and equipment from Sunrun Inc., a solar company.

“Two suspects in a gray pickup truck broke into the commercial yard,” Neis said. “They broke into several company vehicles stealing tools and other items.”

It happened early Sunday morning April 9 near 40th Street and Broadway Road. It’s an industrial area so there weren’t many people around.

Still, surveillance cameras captured pictures of the duo and their truck.

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