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Repairman trapped inside ATM passes ‘help’ note to cash customers


It’s probably a dream come true to find yourself within easy reach of a big stash of cash. Unless it’s because you are trapped inside an ATM.

A guy in Corpus Christie, Texas had to resort to shoving “help me” notes from inside a Bank of American cash machine this week after he accidentally shut himself inside.

He was there to install a new lock, among other tasks.

To make matters worse, he’d left his cellphone in his vehicle.

Customers and passersby heard him calling for help but thought it was a joke, Richard Olden of the Corpus Christie Police told KRIS-TV.

The man finally got the bright idea to write notes explaining the situation. When someone waited for the machine to spit out their receipt, they also got a note asking for help.

Eventually, someone believed him and called police.

“You’ll probably never see or hear about this again,” Olden said, who admitted even the police thought it was a prank.

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