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Chuck Coughlin talks all things politics with the Think Tank

Chuck Coughlin. (KTAR Photo/Mike O'Neil)

One of the most astute observers of our politics, Republican political consultant and all-around political guru Chuck Coughlin, is our guest in the Think Tank this week. He provides us with definitive and authoritative answers to each of the following:

Republicans in Congress are in a fix. For seven years they have promised to repeal Obamacare first thing. Now they’ve discovered that taking away health insurance from 23 million Americans is extremely unpopular. What do they do?

Do the Democrats need a positive message to win? Or will just being anti-Trump be good enough? Before you answer, consider that just being anti-Obama worked out pretty well for the Republicans.

Where is the President Donald Trump/Russia investigation likely to go?

How should we handle North Korea? All our options seem bad.

Finally, what about Arizona? There seems to be a groundswell of support for increased education funding. Gov. Doug Ducey was elected on a reduce taxes every year platform. How can he balance these two imperatives?