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For fireworks on Fourth of July, safety is the keyword

Safety with fireworks is the theme this Fourth of July in many Arizona cities. Queen Creek is one of them.

“[Fireworks] can get up around 2,000 degrees,” said Queen Creek deputy fire chief Vance Gray. “Adults should always supervise the activities – especially with kids.”

Gray said the most common fireworks-related injuries are to the hands and face. He recommended users keeping water nearby – either a hose or bucket – and make sure not to re-light fireworks that don’t go off the first time.

Certain consumer fireworks are legal in Arizona, including sparklers, dipped sticks and illuminating torches. In Queen Creek, however, they can only be used through July 6 on private property. And many more fireworks can’t be used.

The town of Queen Creek says any individuals who use, discharge, or ignite allowed fireworks are responsible for any emergency-response expenses.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission also recommends not throwing or pointing fireworks at another person. And light fireworks one at a time.

“The goal is to have everyone enjoy a safe, and fun holiday,” said Queen Creek Fire Chief Ron Knight. “If you’re going to use fireworks, please ensure all safety tips are being followed. Leaving fireworks to the professionals is the safest option.”

Fireworks can also pose a risk to pets. The following safety tips are recommended for pets:

  • Do not take your pet to firework displays
  • Provide a safe area away from loud noises
  • Do not place glow sticks or jewelry on your pet
  • Never use fireworks around your pet, and be aware of your neighbors’ pets
  • Have your pet properly identified with a microchip and/or ID tag

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