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Tempe resident’s video monologue about summer heat goes viral


PHOENIX — A Tempe woman named Alix Loar has gone viral with her video monologue explaining the perils of Arizona’s summer heat.

“Well my friends, it’s officially mitten season here in Arizona,” she said. “Not because cooler temperatures are on the horizon or snowfall is in our near or very distant future, but so that I can grab my steering wheel without having to check myself into a burn unit.”

Indeed, it’s been quite hot in Arizona recently. A heatwave has brought temperatures to the Valley as hot as 119 degrees. And actually, the number of burn victims does go up when it gets hot in Arizona.

“Any heat over 100 degrees, I turn into a very scary person,” she said. “Alix at 115-plus? Not allowed outside.”

“People in other states buy their cars based off of the luxury things like seat heaters. We buy ours based off of the ability to start it 20 minutes before we get into it.”

As of Wednesday evening, the video had more than 100,000 views.

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