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IRS scams still going strong in Arizona even after Tax Day passes

(Public Domain Photo)

PHOENIX — Officials are warning Arizonans who may be targeted by scammers claiming to work for the IRS, even though the tax deadline for this year has come and gone.

Phoenix IRS spokesman William Brunson said scammers seem to get more aggressive in the summer months.

“The con artist demands payment and says they’re from the IRS,” he said. “They claim you received two certified letters but were returned as undeliverable.

“[They threaten] that if you don’t make payment we’re going to arrest you, and you can’t call the police, you can’t call the IRS to talk about this, if you had a tax preparer do your return, you can’t talk to them. You’ve got to make this payment immediately.”

Brunson said scammers have began to incorporate technology into their phone calls.

“They leave a message to call back a certain number because you owe tax,” he said. “Once again, the IRS is not going to work that way. If you think that item is a tax scam, disengage (the call).”

Brunson said scam emails should be forwarded to and a report should be made to both the Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration and Federal Trade Commission.

Brunson said the scams first cropped up in 2013.

“New immigrants to America (who didn’t speak or comprehend English well) were targeted, but has expanded where it not only affects those individuals, but anybody with a telephone or email address,” he said.

“Everybody needs to be aware of these scammers so that they don’t fall victim to these tax scams.”

Brunson said those who think they owe tax should contact the IRS directly.

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