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Forbes has the richest person in Arizona worth over $5 billion

(Photo courtesy 401(K) 2012 -- -- on, Creative Commons)

PHOENIX — Money doesn’t buy happiness, although a lot of folks living paycheck to paycheck might disagree.

There are plenty of people in the nation succeeding beyond their wildest dreams who are worth more than just a few million dollars (which is clearly a whole lot). These people detailed by Forbes are worth billions of dollars, including the richest man in America, Bill Gates, who is worth $88.9 billion.

The richest person in all of Arizona, according to Forbes, is Bruce Halle.

As of Saturday, he is worth $5.8 billion.

Halle made his fortune thanks to the tire and wheel retailer Discount Tire. He opened it in 1960.

Forbes said the company now has $4.2 billion in estimated sales with over 900 stores in 31 states.

When Forbes initially released its full findings of the richest people in the nation, Halle was worth $6.0 billion, good for No. 27 on the list. That doesn’t mean he is the 27th richest person in the U.S., however, as some states have multiple people worth more than Halle monetary wise.

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