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Anyone can beat the heat on a budget with these clever tips for cooling down

(Photo via MistAir Facebook)

In case you haven’t been outside in a while, it’s absurdly hot in the Valley right now, with temperatures reaching 120 degrees.

One of the best ways to relax in the heat is in a pool but if you don’t have one accessible, don’t fret.

The folks at have you covered, with six different suggestions for those trying to cool down on a budget.

How about the always refreshing misting system?

Whether you go the quick-and-easy route with a simple misting fan, or you deck out your entire patio with a misting system, this cooling mechanism will be your salvation all summer long.

For about $100, a misting fan easily hooks up to your garden hose and can be placed wherever you need it. With three speeds and the option to oscillate, this chilly wonder will cool off cookouts and backyard parties.

Don’t have anything to put in the bed of your truck? How about a pool!

Yup, you can take a refreshing dip on the hottest of days—right in your driveway. If you have a pickup truck and $280, you can buy a legit truck bed pool. They come in two sizes (short box or standard) and are much easier to fill and enjoy than draping and securing your own random tarps (it’s a leaky mess!). This sturdy vinyl pool stretches over the back of your truck and drains easily from a valve on the tailgate side.

Of course, there’s nothing better than a homemade slip-and-slide.

Sure, you can buy one from a big-box store. But if you’re looking for a crafts project the whole family can do—or you want to customize your slip ‘n’ slide—you can easily make one yourself.

As long as you own a hose, the rest of the components come in at under $50: a long piece of tarp or sturdy plastic sheeting, some foam pool noodles (these are the bumpers along the edge), and strong Velcro to attach the tarp around the noodles. Add a few small stakes to hold it in place, a garden hose, something to grease the chute (dish soap, baby oil)—and you’re off!

The post from includes some links to the suggested items, such as a splash pad or creating your own backyard stream.

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