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Opinion: Let’s talk about the left’s rhetoric double standard

(AP Photo/Ted S. Warren, file)

As yet another week filled with news of violent political outbursts draws to a close, the average American citizen has been bombarded more than ever by the mainstream media and the Washington elite with calls for civil discourse and pleas to end the “hate-filled rhetoric” that is dividing the American people.

It seems that everywhere we turned, we heard the shooting of House Majority Whip Steve Scalise must lead to more civility in politics.

Sounds good, right? Nobody wants to see another shooting — or any violence for that matter — but how about if the left and the mainstream media practice what they preach?

Who exactly is responsible for spewing this so-called “hate-filled rhetoric” and what the heck does the word rhetoric mean to these people?

It’s pretty much become a political buzzword, but the actual definition depends largely on who you ask.

It appears the word rhetoric is used in two ways, depending on the side of the aisle on which you sit. Even this word has become polarizing.

Let’s take a look at what rhetoric means for Democrats.

When the left uses rhetoric, it means a style of speaking or writing, especially the language of a particular subject.

But for describing the right, the left defines rhetoric as language that is elaborate, pretentious, insincere, or intellectually vacuous.

According to the left and the mainstream media, President Donald Trump and the Republicans that support him are the ones using inflammatory language — they style of rhetoric that is responsible for inciting violence and anger being played out in America.

But if you can look past the sleight of hand by a manipulative media and the elites who give them their marching orders, you will see the real game that is being played out.

The left and their lap dogs in the media tell us they oppose such hate-filled and divisive speeches because of the environment of violence that it has produced in our country and around the world.

Except, of course, when the rhetoric comes from them. Then they embrace and use it for their own purposes to drive the so-called “climate of violence” under the guise of concern.

They declare their outrage and tell people to stand up to Trump and do what is right with the actual goal of destroying the Trump presidency and, once again, blocking the silent majority that has finally found its voice.

We have a different kind of president, one that uses words in ways that connect with the American people like never before. He can bypass the mainstream media with a single tweet and speak directly to millions of people.

This does not bode well with the powers that be.

The president’s words are touching on what a majority of Americans are feeling but have not felt comfortable expressing in the political climate. The fear of being shamed as a racist or homophobe — or whatever the politically correct flavor of the day is — has kept too many people silent, thus allowing the reshaping of America by changing our words and thoughts.

The outbursts of violence being played out in the news is being twisted and used as an example of how our words are divisive and dangerous.

Criminalizing our words and thoughts is not as Orwellian as it may sound, especially if you have certain political affiliations.

Think about this: We now have intolerable speech categorizations, such as a triggers and microaggressions. We are censoring our social media and other forms of alternative media.

Our children are being taught to report any such hate speech and all things must be politically correct and done in the name of tolerance.

We must learn and understand how this is contributing to limiting our free speech and the advancement of social engineering.

Be warned that the government’s tyranny of free speech suppression is trying to push forward using these latest outbreaks of violence that they helped to perpetuate.

Officials know many Americans do not fully grasp the concept of free speech and the immense responsibility that comes with it.

Sadly, it seems Americans have difficulty reconciling the fact that our freedom of speech protects those on either side that thinks something is offensive, racist or lude and, while we want to protect society from such ugliness, it will only serve as an open door to take away more of our constitutional rights as Americans.

That is the double-edged sword of freedom of speech.

As James Madison said “Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”

Tweet onward, Trump!

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