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Ellen DeGeneres calls out audience member who stole souvenirs

Ellen DeGeneres didn’t turn a blind eye on an audience member who took more than her allotted share of free gifts. Instead, she got called out during the show.

Ellen explained that a table of free gifts was set up for audience members, who were allowed to choose just one free item to take with them. She also revealed that the audience in front of her was selecting their gifts under the watch of a video camera.

She explained that some audience members were honest and only took one. DeGeneres even showed video of a woman who wanted two of the available items, but took one and said “I’ll just buy this one,” referring to the item she passed on.

But another woman was caught red-handed after taking more than the one she was allowed.

Cameras showed the woman in the audience, embarrassingly, as Ellen revealed the crime.

The hardened thief said she wanted to bring the extra souvenir home for her sister, who couldn’t come. But that wasn’t good enough for Ellen, who made the woman go sit in a separate area from the crowd.

Lesson learned.

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