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Sent home for wearing shorts to work, man returns in dress

(Twitter Photos/@jBarge_)

It turns out Phoenix residents are not the only people looking to beat the summer heat.

When 20-year-old Joey Barge saw the forecast temperature of 34 degrees Celsius (90 degrees Fahrenheit) for Aylesbury, England, he decided to wear shorts to work, even though they weren’t allowed.

“The office is so hot and I sweat so much and feel uncomfortable,” he told the Mirror when asked why he wore shorts if he knew they were against his company’s dress code.

“I’m fuming. A quarter of the office are wearing vest tops and skirts/dresses.”

Shortly after arriving for work, Barge was sent home to change. His decision to return wearing one of his mother’s dresses has made him go viral.

Barge assumed he would be sent home again, but was wrong. In fact, his decision to show up in the little pink-and-black number encouraged his company to allow men to wear shorts on hot days.

If anyone can take Barge’s side in this argument, it’s us Phoenicians. While we get that 90 degrees is hot for England, it doesn’t hold up against our near-120 degree temperatures this week.

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