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Phoenix woman to appear on 19th season of CBS’ ‘Big Brother’

(CBS Photo)

PHOENIX — A Phoenix woman will be on the 19th season of “Big Brother” when it airs on CBS later this month.

Megan Lowder, a dog walker who is originally from California, is one of 16 contestants on the show.

She said she’s confident going into the reality show, but will definitely miss home.

“Not being able to talk to my family or seeing my dogs,” she told CBS of what will be the most difficult part of being on the show.

Lowder said she has a plan to win the $500,000 prize. It starts with befriending another contestant at the gym.

“After we start picking off the houseguests we don’t like, I would start spreading false info and make sure no one knows it came from me,” she said.

“At the same time, there is always that whiny, crying girl that just can’t handle the pressures of the house. I would make her my friend and my secret ally. This is the only person in the house I will be loyal to. I’ll take her to final two and, since she didn’t do anything the whole time, I’ll win.

“I will also play scared, I will never for a second think I’m safe, and, if people are talking, I want to be there.”

“Big Brother” became a smash hit when it hit the airways in 2000. The show features a number of contestants known as HouseGuests who live in a custom-built home and are isolated from the outside world — meaning no cellphones, internet or any other contact, save for a family emergency.

Each week, one contestant is sent home. Other contestants vote on who is kicked off the show.

All of the drama is captured on dozens of cameras that are placed around the home.

In 2016, “Big Brother” became the first reality show to air exclusively on a streaming platform.

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