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Old man jams out to Metallica in his car

Young kids these days, listening to all of their loud rock music.

That’s not an opinion shared by this older man. He’s completely down with music that he didn’t grow up listening to. Scratch that — he’s totally engaged in it. How do we know?

Because somebody caught him on video rocking out to Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls,” what we might incorrectly label as a thrash metal song. It was released in 1984 which is — no offense — a bit out of this guy’s generation.

He’s really, really enjoying it with his windows down in his white-on-white Ford Focus, and it’s clear he’s a connoisseur of such music when you notice he knows exactly when the cymbals crash.

What can we learn from this man’s passion?

Only that it’s very doubtful you enjoy music this much.

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