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Arizona town names that inspire cool thoughts amid heat wave

(Flickr Photo/Ken Lund)

PHOENIX — In the middle of the heat wave hitting Arizona, we’re searching for anything and everything that can help keep us cool.

While we can sit in front of the fan all we would like and sip on as many cool drinks as possible, we still can’t shake the thought of just how hot it is outside.

In an effort to turn our minds to cooler locales, we decided to compile a list of Arizona towns and cities whose names inspire us to feel at least a little chill.

We were actually surprised at how many Arizona spots were given winter-esque names despite them being located in a state known for being warm.

There are towns such as Snowflake, located just north of Show Low in eastern Arizona, that really bring forth the feeling of the cooler months of the year.

We’re also well aware that not every part of the Grand Canyon State gets so hot you can burn your hands on your steering wheel, but it was still nice to see a few areas with names that lacked the words cactus or sun.

To help you beat the heat, here are the Arizona town and city names that inspire cooler thoughts:

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