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Father goes shopping for a lunchbox, buys toolbox, hilarity ensues

A man filmed himself going on a shopping trip for a new lunchbox for his son — but when he wasn’t satisfied with the lunchbox selection at one store, he got creative.

“Welp, guess who has to settle a massive argument with the Mrs. because I’ve lost our lad’s lunchbox?” he said in a selfie video. “Now I’ve been demanded out of the house to go and get a new one. Do people still even have lunchboxes these days? Don’t they just put food in a bag?”

The man went to a store that had a selection of various lunchboxes, but seemed to be displeased with the inventory (and the price of the boxes).

“I’m not doing it, he’ll get bullied with one of them. And by bullied, I don’t mean by someone at school, I mean like I’ll bully him for it, that’s how bad they are.”

He instead went to a second store and decided to get a toolbox instead. He presented the toolbox to his wife, and — well, it was quite the interaction.

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