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Woman grabs car door handle, gets taken for ride on freeway

A likely road-rage confrontation on a Southern California freeway this week not only went sideways, as they are prone to do, but also action-movie crazy.

A freeway section full of drivers watched a woman hang on to a car door with all her might after she angrily accosted a driver, who surprised her with a dry land surfing lesson Monday when he drove away.

A witness shared his video of the woman being dragged along State Route 55 in Orange County with KABC-TV in Los Angeles.

Josh Molesky told the station the woman had gotten out of her car, walked up to a black Honda and began pounding on the passenger side window.

The driver clearly decided it was time to go. Gas pedal, engaged!

The car went several yards with the woman gripping the door handle, her feet sliding across the asphalt. The driver cut across a couple of lanes to reach the shoulder and slowed down. The unexpected ride-along ended when the woman left go of the handle.

She was able to walk away on her own.

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