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A glance at the Senate’s Iran, Russia sanctions legislation

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Republican-led Senate voted overwhelmingly Thursday to approve sweeping sanctions legislation targeting Iran and Russia. The bill, which passed 98-2, includes an array of penalties aimed at choking off the vast financial networks that U.S. lawmakers say Moscow and Tehran need to sustain their destabilizing behavior.

Here’s a look at key parts of the Senate legislation:



The Senate bill imposes mandatory sanctions on people involved in Iran’s ballistic missile program and anyone who does business with them. The measure also would apply terrorism sanctions to the country’s Revolutionary Guards and enforce an arms embargo. Senators say the legislation won’t undermine the landmark nuclear deal with Iran.



Senate approval of the bill comes more than five months after U.S. intelligence agencies said Moscow meddled in the 2016 election. The legislation strengthens current sanctions imposed by former President Barack Obama and creates new ones on a broad range of people, including Russians engaged in corruption, individuals engaged in human rights abuses and anyone supplying weapons to the government of Syrian President Bashar Assad. Broad new sanctions would be imposed on Russia’s mining, metals, shipping and railways sectors.



The measure also gives Congress the ability to block attempts by President Donald Trump to lift sanctions against Moscow. The bill includes a mechanism requiring congressional review of any decision to ease the Russia sanctions. Senators say the review provision restores Congress’ role in setting sanctions policy.

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