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Red Cross urging people to donate blood as Arizona summer nears

(AP Photo/Erie Times-News, Jack Hanrahan, File)

PHOENIX — The Phoenix Red Cross is urging people to donate blood as there tends to be a drop in donations over the summer.

“Schools are really the main place where we collect our blood,” Colin Williams with the Phoenix Red Cross said. “Grade schools, high schools and colleges.”

The American Red Cross said only about 3 percent of the U.S. population donates regularly, which means the agency relies heavily on repeat donors to maintain a sufficient supply.

However, the summer months also bring a slow down in regular donors who may be going on vacation or have other plans.

“There’s always a need because of accidents, medical procedures, things like that,” Williams said.

He said it is important for people to remember how much good one donation can do.

“One donation can save up to three lives,” Williams said. “There’s a number of blood products (and) we love every single one of them. People can come out and donate just regular blood.”

Donors also have options.

“If they want, they can have that (donation) separated out,” Williams said. “They can actually do two units.”

The organization said potential and returning donors can find easy instructions on making an appointment on its Blood Donor app, its website or by calling 800-RED-CROSS.

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