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Arizona Snowbowl replacing third ski lift for next season

An artist's sketch of the new Hart Prairie lift top terminal is shown. (Arizona Snowbowl Photo)

PHOENIX — For the third time in three years, skiers and snowboarders at Arizona Snowbowl will be boarding a new lift when the season opens.

In a blog post, the ski resort located north of Flagstaff said it would replace the 36-year-old Hart Prairie lift with a new one that is two times larger.

The old lift could only carry two people per chair. The new one will carry four people per chair and will add restraining bars and foot rests.

“The four-passenger lift allows families to ride together and enables ski instructors to ride with more guests, especially children,” the blog post read.

The new lift will require some modifications to the ski area, however. The top terminal will be lowered slightly to eliminate a steeper section that proved difficult for beginners and the bottom will be moved further uphill to provide more room for ski lessons.

The lift will also feature Arizona’s first ski lift loading conveyor belt.

“Loading conveyors work very well for beginners and provide a smooth transition for beginner skiers who first learn on one of Snowbowl’s two standalone conveyors,” the blog post read.

After the addition of the Hart Prairie lift, Snowbowl said its uphill capacity will have increased by 85 percent.

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