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NASA’s Mars rover concept is something out of a Batman movie

It’s been two decades since the United States first landed a rover on the surface of Mars.

The Mars Pathfinder Sojourner Rover landed safely in July 1997, but the hopeful future of landing on the red planet involves sending astronauts along with it. With that, NASA is thinking far ahead in developing a vehicle that not only can roll over the foreign landscape but will transport the first human visitors.

NASA rolled out a concept rover to the public last week, and the looks of it will, well, remind you of a vehicle taken straight out of a superhero movie.

The six-wheel, solar-fueled rover includes a front section for navigation and scouting, and a back section with a lab that can break away.

The concept vehicle won’t be going to Mars — some of its components could — and is part of NASA’s “Summer of Mars” at Kennedy Space Center project that aims to educate young people about the development of space exploration.

And yes, there’s a reason for the superhero theme of the rover’s look: It was built by Parker Brothers Concepts, a design company that has actually built a real-life Batmobile.

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