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Nightmare material in Texas, where rattlesnakes are found in toilets

There are not many places that have a true sense of vulnerability like sitting on the toilet.

Now, mix in that feeling with one of the things people are the most afraid of.

Yes, that is a video of a rattlesnake in a toilet.

The description of the video reads:

Last night my girlfriend woke me up screaming because there was a snake in the toilet, thought she kidding. This is in Austin, Texas.

How will this poor, poor woman ever be able to go in a bathroom again without thinking a snake is going to be waiting for her in a toilet?

According to CBS News, a similar incident in Texas required a snake removal service.

If the original concept of a snake winding up in your toilet wasn’t frightening enough, that family asked for an inspection around the house. Sure enough, 23 other snakes were found around the area of the home, 13 of them in an old storm cellar.

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