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LinkedIn report: Job hires in Phoenix up from a year ago

(Pexels photo)

PHOENIX — A report from the business social media network LinkedIn shows that hiring in Phoenix in May this year was up from May of 2016.

The uptick from a year ago was a difference of 9.1 percent, they said.

The report breaks down multiple factors that affect job growth in a given market. LinkedIn stated in its report that it examines employment trends in the U.S. workforce on a monthly basis in the nation’s 20 biggest cities.

For example, the report showed that, adjusted for seasonal hiring, Phoenix hires increased by 11.9 percent from April to May this year.

A “skills gap” was also displayed, a number that measures an aggregate of the skills in Phoenix that are most abundant and most scarce. The most abundant skills in Phoenix were said to be integrated circuit design, customer service and travel. The most scarce skills were those in the accounting, banking and administrative fields.

The “LinkedIn Workforce Report,” as it’s called, also examined migration patterns. Surprisingly, the numbers showed that the Bay Area has fallen from No. 10 to No. 12 on the list of cities gaining the most workers — those moving to the Bay Area decreased by 17 percent since February.

As for Phoenix, migration statistics revealed that workers who come to the Valley are most frequently coming from Chicago, Tucson and Los Angeles. When they’re leaving Phoenix, it’s most frequently to end up in Dallas, Austin or Seattle.

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