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Arizona child’s rant over summer heat becomes viral video

PHOENIX — A young Arizona girl is the subject of a viral video after she was shown complaining about her state’s sweltering summer heat.

“Enjoying your summer? Wonderful,” she starts. “In Arizona, I can’t even go outside.”

The video was uploaded by Kcstauffer, a Facebook page that appears to belong to an Arizona blogger who documents the life of her kids and family on her website, OverOurWall.

“In Arizona, I can’t even go outside,” the young girl says. “I’ll die of a heat stroke. See this burn? Three minutes. Can’t I just ditch clothes? I’m sweating bullets.

“Even my popsicle can’t keep it together. My car seat can be arrested. It burns me every day.”

The girl’s mother, Katie, manages her blog and Instagram and says she makes short videos and takes photos to “be creative, be together, create memories, and yes even throw a few fits, and I don’t just mean the kids,” she joked on her website.

As of Monday evening, the video had nearly six million views.

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