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It’s just a little storm: Photo of dad mowing lawn as tornado nears goes viral

(Facebook Photo)

We’ve all known that guy who gets his yard work done every weekend, no matter if it’s 120 degrees, pouring rain or a blizzard is blowing in.

But we always thought a tornado may keep that yard warrior hunkered down indoors, at least until the storm blew over. Thanks to the internet, we’ve been proven wrong.

A viral photo posted Friday by a Canadian woman shows her husband — and dad of two — mowing the lawn with a good-sized tornado in the background.

Cecilia Wessels told BuzzfeedNews she snapped the photo of her husband, Theunis, mowing the lawn of their home in Three Hills, Alberta.

She said she took the picture to show family in her native South Africa what a tornado looks like, but when she posted it to Facebook, everyone had the same question: “Why is he mowing the lawn?”

But the photo is kind of an optical illusion. Cecilia told the website the tornado appeared to be much closer than it actually was and it was also moving away from the family’s home.

Cecilia also said her husband was comfortable breaking out the mower because he had attended a seminar led by Greg Johnson, a popular tornado hunter, and learned about the storms.

And to think we give people odd looks when they’re cleaning up before a dust storm rolls in.

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