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Excessive heat warning issued through Wednesday night for portions of Valley

Make sure you are staying hydrated at the start of next week, as temperatures are nearing 110 degrees and there are excessive heat warnings throughout the Valley.

The National Weather Service has a map of the state to show where you are potentially the most at risk for heat related illnesses through Tuesday.

Highs ranging from 105 to 109 degrees are expected.

Hikers are not recommended to be out during regular hours with the extreme heat beginning to make its way into the Valley this summer.

“If you have to hike, do it very early in the morning,” meteorologist James Sawtell said earlier in the week.. “Every year, we have a number of rescues and, unfortunately, there’s even occasional fatalities.”

The average temperature for this time of year is roughly 101 degrees.

“June is one of the hottest months climatologically in Phoenix,” he said. “It’s a lot drier in June than in July so that allows our temperatures to really climb.”


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