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Parking lot explodes after water pipe bursts underground

The pavement of a parking lot suddenly bubbled up and quickly exploded in Kiev, Ukraine after an underground pipe burst open.

A video posted to YouTube showed the astonishing incident as asphalt and soil literally elevated above the ground around it, even lifting up dumpsters before the pressure eventually caused the bubble to burst. Pavement, dirt and water went everywhere, with force so great that a nearby car is seen being pushed by the explosion.

An English description on the video reads as follows:

“In Kiev, during technical work on the water canal, a pipe broke through a two-meter diameter,” it said. “Asphalt ripped like paper. A water volcano with fragments of asphalt, rubble and mud washed away almost the entire street. The pillar of water and mud reached the seventh floor. Fortunately, people did not suffer. But damage was caused to parked cars and the building near which the water pipe passed.”

It’s amazing that nobody was injured, because a woman is seen walking quite near the “water volcano” just before it goes off.

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