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Items left at TSA at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport go on sale

PHOENIX — Did you leave your fishing pole or golf clubs at a TSA checkpoint at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport?

What about your chair?

Some of those items and a lot, lot more went on sale Friday in a warehouse in downtown Phoenix.

Elizabeth Bartholomew with the Arizona Department of Administration said many people just leave items to avoid shipping them home or putting them back in their vehicles.

“We also have items that were lost at TSA,” she said. “Jewelry, sunglasses, watches – stuff like that.”

Most luxury goods, such as Tiffany bracelets, are snatched up within minutes.

“Those were gone by 8:30,” Bartholomew said.

Others, such as fishing poles, umbrellas or canes, usually don’t go as quickly.

Though some of the items may have been forgotten, Bartholomew said owners had months to get them back.

“People might not know they lost it at the airport,” she said. “TSA and Sky Harbor hold onto those things for several months, but after a certain period of time they give it up.”

Other goods come from other Arizona departments.

“For this month’s live sale, we had some laptop computers from other state agencies,” Bartholomew said. “We [also] had some OtterBoxes – phone cases – that usually sell for about $75. We were selling them for $10.”

The merchandise isn’t necessarily odd or unusable for the average person.

“We have a lot of furniture, also, from our surplus warehouse,” Bartholomew said. “A lot of office furniture — filing cabinets, office chairs, folding chairs. We have some twin beds, tables.

“This stuff is all coming from other state agencies that didn’t have a use for it anymore. But it still had value … so we didn’t want to get rid of it.

“You’re looking at high-valued items for low prices,” she said. “The chairs are selling for [$5],” she said. “The Leatherman and Gerber hand tools – very nice brands – those are selling for $5. You’d probably spend about $20 on those at the store.”

The sale proceeds go into the Arizona general fund. The sales used to be held once or twice a year, but the ADOA has decided to hold them on the first Friday of every month.

The location of the sales is near 15th Avenue and Jackson Street in Phoenix. The next sale will be July 7.

Lines can be long, so get there early.

“This (Friday) morning, the line was around the building and into the street,” Bartholomew said.

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