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Opinion: Don’t freak out about Griffin, Colbert rants because it’s what they want

(AP Photos)

Let me start by giving my personal opinion of the picture of Kathy Griffin holding the bloodied head of President Donald Trump: It was disgusting. (WARNING: LINK CONTAINS GRAPHIC IMAGES)

I hold this action in the same regard as I do Stephen Colbert’s equally offensive rant a few weeks ago(WARNING: LINK CONTAINS OFFENSIVE LANGUAGE)

Having said that, here is my suggestion for everyone who has taken to social media to vent their anger: Get over it!

I think about this from a father’s perspective. Sometimes, my wife and my preteen daughter get into a spat. This eventually leads to my daughter screaming something as she’s running down the hall into her bedroom, slamming the door and crying.

Is she doing this to vent and work through her emotions? No. She’s doing it for attention. She’s doing it so daddy calmly enters her room, wraps his arms around her and let’s her cry it out. She wants attention.

I can understand this kind of action from a 10- or 11-year-old girl. It’s a little tougher pill to swallow when we’re dealing with a grown adults.

But let’s ask ourselves who are we truly dealing with here?

First, Colbert. He continues to beg for late-night table scraps left behind by Jimmys Kimmel and Fallon. His rant was nothing more than a stunt to grab headlines and to remind people that he still has a show.

The best part about it? None of us have to watch it!

And then there’s the D-list of D-list actresses, Griffin. Before this week, we only had to suffer through one night of her each and every year because CNN just couldn’t get enough of her getting drunk and nearly naked in Times Square.

But now, she is on every social media newsfeed, she is getting millions of hits, she is gaining social media followers and she is becoming a hero to a small fraction of the left.

Unfortunately, hack channels such as MSNBC will most likely find a spot for her and reward her for this type of nonsense. Heck, they might give her a show.

The best part about this? None of us have to watch it!

I encourage all of you that are so offended by Kathy Griffin’s picture or Stephen Colbert’s rant to stop posting, reposting and commenting about them. You’re just giving the two of them exactly what they want: attention.

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