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Recycle bin needed: Basha High School celebrates end of school year in fun way

PHOENIX — Hopefully Basha High School recycles.

The end of the school year is here and it’s a time for celebration for most students. To celebrate at the Chandler, Arizona, high school, students flooded the staircase with paper that eventually turned into a big slide.

Paper rained down for nearly two continuous minutes, and it turned into an exciting new way to kick off the start of summer.

This seems to be a Basha High School tradition, as two years ago the senior class participated in a similar paper toss, where they threw away all of the paper they had collected over the school years down a staircase, according to the video’s description.

As long as the students show kindness and pick up their mess instead of leaving it for the custodians to deal with, who wouldn’t be on board to make this a tradition at every school?

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