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Opinion: Stop buying into the political health care scare tactics

House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wis., center, standing with Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Greg Walden, R-Ore., right, and House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., left, speaks during a news conference on the American Health Care Act on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, March 7, 2017. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

I saw an anti-Trumpcare commercial this weekend that depicted a doctor sitting at a desk with two senior citizens. The doctor proceeded to scare the living daylights out of them, threatening health care that was five times more expensive because grandpa had asthma when he was a kid.

Then, I logged on to and saw an article by our very own Corbin Carson entitled “GOP healthcare bill will be devastating for Arizona kids, advocate says.” It was an interview that he conducted with Dana Wolfe Naimark, the president of the Children’s Action Alliance.

People, when are we going to stop buying into this nonsense? When are we going to stop just taking someone’s word for it because they have a fancy title? It’s time to start thinking on our own.

Keep in mind the commercial that I saw was standard political play. I remember the same style of commercials when Obamacare was being debated, but those focused on death panels.

They are just something to scare us into calling our elected officials and say we don’t like Obamacare, even though common sense tells us that there would never be death panels.

Now back to Naimark and the Children’s Action Alliance.

She began with the standard left play by saying 23 million Americans would left without coverage under the health care overhaul proposed by House Republicans.

How is this any different than the millions of Americans that lost coverage when Obamacare took over? Do you remember the lie of, “If you like your coverage, you can keep it. If you like your doctors, you can keep them?”

A more accurate way to put this would be that more than 20 million Americans will have to change their coverage. It’s not like 20 million Americans will be left on the street to fend for themselves and have tonsillectomies in back alleys!

Once again, this is just a scare tactic by using the phrase “left without health coverage.”

Then, Naimark addressed the cuts to Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System. Please keep in mind that AHCCCS is a program that is available in only six states in this nation. She claimed that over 750,000 children will be affected.

What she failed to mention is how the 750,000 kids will be affected. Does that mean they’ll go a day or two without coverage while the new system is implemented? Or does it mean that they’ll be left to die in the streets of Phoenix?

By a show of hands, who thinks that we are going to turn children away from medical facilities that need treatment? How many of you honestly think that anyone in this nation — aside from those that try to get treatment at the Phoenix VA — are being turned away from medical treatment?

All of this “if we pass this piece of legislation, people will be dying in the streets” nonsense has to stop.

Now, on to seniors. They will most likely be impacted in some way by the passing of Trumpcare because it will most likely end the Ponzi scheme known as Obamacare.

Don’t believe me that it’s a Ponzi scheme? It’s young people being forced to pay into something they don’t need so older people can benefit when they need it. Yes, just like the soon to be insolvent Social Security Ponzi scheme and the Ponzi scheme that sent Bernie Madoff to prison — taking money from investors at the bottom and paying out at the top.

You may be saying, “See, Mike, you just admitted that seniors will be impacted, left without healthcare and just left to die!”

Not even close! You know better! It’s time to start thinking like an adult!

And finally, preexisting conditions. Yes, those with preexisting conditions should probably pay a little bit more for healthcare.

Each member of my family has a preexisting condition and I will most likely pay more for health care, yet far less than the $1,800 per month price tag I am currently facing. Health care companies are for-profit entitie, they’re not charities.

By the left’s argument, we should all be paying low rates for car insurance, shouldn’t we? Or are we OK with auto insurers using our preexisting track record to set the rates?

Automobile insurers use your driving record and even your credit history to set your rates. Why aren’t we complaining about that?

Statistics offered by the Cover Kids Coalition are very telling but my friends on the left aren’t going to like what it is telling us.

It tells us that the Obama administration took programs such as the State Children’s Health Insurance Program that worked to ensure no child in the nation was ever denied health care and rolled it into the new Ponzi scheme package.

This made repealing the law almost impossible without being vilified and without scaring young people and seniors into losing sleep over the threat of not being covered.

The positive thing is that the Senate is working on its own version of the health care bill, a version none of us have seen.

We will only be able to evaluate it if it passes the Senate, is reconciled with the House bill and is on its way to Trump’s desk.

In the meantime take a deep breath. Let’s wait and see what is actually going to happen without speculating what could possibly happen.

Stop buying into the scare tactics. It’s just politics.