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‘Star Wars’ destroyer costs less than an Nimitz-class aircraft carrier

Ever wonder how much the battleships of “Star Wars” would cost if they were real life space ships? How about less than what the U.S. Military spends for a Nimitz-class aircraft carrier.

The cost of a star destroyer would only $225 million according to, which priced it using a formula of converting galactic credits to dollars —  with the conversion rate of one credit equaling to about $1.50.

With this formula, a star destroyer is about the same price as a Boeing 797 Dreamliner airplane, but it’s still a lot less than the $4.5 billion price tag for an aircraft carrier or less than the estimated $150 billion cost of the International Space Station.

Part of the reason for the low cost is quantity. There’s only one International Space Station and only 10 Nimitz-class carriers whereas there are about 25,000 star destroyers in the star wars universe.