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‘Price is Right’ contestant breaks ‘Plinko’ record, goes crazy

A record-breaking round of “Plinko” on the set of The Price is Right seemed like a dream come true for a contestant named Ryan, who seemingly lost his mind on the television game show.

Plinko, a game-within-a-game on The Price is Right, gave Ryan the opportunity to choose between two numbers, and guess whether the price of a given item began with one of the numbers or ended with the other. Over the span of four guesses, he went 4-for-4.

His luck in guessing the prices then gave him the chance to drop Plinko chips down a pachinko-like tumbling path, where he earned a whopping $31,500.

“Oh my god!” he exclaimed repeatedly.

Though, to be fair, the winnings might be to blame for his outburst; Ryan was beside himself from the moment he got on stage. Hopefully he got a chance to catch his breath and enjoy his winnings.

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