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He Said: Ocean Poke Co. is a great option to feel full and healthy

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You know you’ve seen them popping up all over the Valley: It looks like we were invaded by the fast-casual poke restaurant.

For a while, I read about poke shops opening up on what seemed every street corner.

For me, it was like a dream to be able to eat poke whenever I wanted. I’ve been addicted to it ever since I first tried it in Hawaii.

However, I found it hard to find in the Valley and limited myself to it only on special occasions and as an appetizer.

Now, you can make a whole meal out of it and get a really good poke bowl in lots of places around the Valley. They are all good, but Ocean Poke Co., located near Indian School Road and 36th Street, seemed to stand out to me.

It has high-quality ingredients and options along with a really great presentation style, all in the reasonable price range of about $12.

If you can’t make up your mind on what you want in your bowl, they do have multiple options already configured for you. From traditional to more outside-of-the-box combos, they have you covered.

I like to choose my ingredients based on my cravings of the day. For that, you have to make a few decisions, beginning with your base. I like to start with mixed greens, but if you want rice or even quinoa, you have options.

Next, you choose your proteins and how many scoops you want. A bowl comes with two but you can add another for $2. I went with ahi tuna and shrimp.

Next up are your toppings. I went with carrots, seaweed salad, sesame seed, watermelon radish, green onion, edamame, cucumber, avocado and, finally, crab salad. Yes, they consider crab salad a topping and not a protein — a pleasant surprise indeed to this crab lover.

My bowl was packed to the brim with tasty ingredients but to finish it off, I choose the house ponzu sauce with the sesame ginger on the side.

With so many toppings, you would think it would look like a mess, but instead they are artists at their craft. They say we eat with our eyes first and my bowl definitely was making my mouth water.

For desert they have acai bowls with toppings such as banana, strawberry, coconut flakes, granola, blueberries, honey, peanut butter, and blackberries. These fun deserts are the perfect balance between indulgent and healthy.

Just remember to keep room in your stomach as you eat your ahi poke bowl. You can walk away from this experience feeling full, but also very healthy.

That is just one of the things I love about a poke bowl and Ocean Poke Co. does a great job putting it all together.


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