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In America, everyone should be welcome — except for the thought police

Armed police officers patrol a police cordon near the Manchester Arena in Manchester, Wednesday, May 24, 2017. Britons will find armed troops at vital locations Wednesday after the official threat level was raised to its highest point following a suicide bombing that killed 22, as new details emerged about the bomber. (AP Photo/Kirsty Wigglesworth)

Where will the trail lead in the Manchester Arena bombing? We won’t have a complete picture for quite a while.

But I know of one person who’s possibly under investigation because of the bombing. Not for the planning of the bombing. Not for providing materials for the bombing. And not for the actual bombing.

No, Katie Hopkins is possibly under investigation for the crime of being angry at the reaction of the bombing.

Hopkins wrote a gut-wrenching column for the UK newspaper The Daily Mail, in which she described how much she hated being told by politicians that life in Manchester needed to return to “business as usual.” 

Shortly after the column’s publication, she went on to tweet: “Western men. These are your wives. Your daughters. Your sons. Stand up. Rise up. Demand action. Do not carry-on as normal.”

One of the responses to that tweet came from a guy on Twitter known as DarinB. He claimed that Hopkins’ tweet was “…clearly inciting racial hatred and the police should be informed. You’ve had enough warnings. Perhaps a spell behind bars will help.”

Then he tweets at the Metropolitan Police, “Please investigate,” to which the cops respond “…we can confirm a complaint has been received and the allegation will be reviewed and assessed by specialist officers.”


After an attack that led to the murder of almost two dozen innocent people — the second attack in Britain this year — and after the UK’s official threat level has been raised to its highest point in 10 years, one would assume that they have every available officer out there trying to find out who was behind the Manchester bombing so they can stop the next one.

Am I right? Apparently not.

Actually, let me give Metropolitan Police the benefit of the doubt and assume that DarinB’s over-the-top plea that they investigate Hopkins’ tweets was met with a very British rolling of the eyes. 

I sure hope so.

With her column, Hopkins is fighting against the idea that we should pretend that we can get back to “business as usual” because we can’t.

I would add, however, that we also can’t allow the norm to become pointing fingers at those insisting terrorists be rooted out from Western society instead of those who would perpetrate the indiscriminate murderers of little girls.

Muslims should not be barred from immigrating to the United States.

But God help us if this kind of thinking comes to our shores. 


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