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Video shows two maglev trains blow past each other in the blink of an eye

It seems technology is evolving faster than any of us can keep up, but this video shows what happens when tech moves almost as fast as you can blink.

A video posted this week showed just how fast two maglev trains move when they pass one another.

For the unaware, maglev trains are trains that move using magnetic levitation. They are growing in popularity because of their efficiency and overall speed.

The fastest maglev train has been clocked at speeds as high as 375 mph.

The trains don’t even run on tracks. As the name implies, they levitate along a path using magnets. It’s all very scientific and quite interesting.

But we’re here to tell you about this video. It started with a passenger on the train recording out the window. All seemed well and fine and they were picking up a healthy amount of speed when another train passed them going the other direction.

It was nearly over before your brain registered what happened. There was a small sound, some windows flashed by and the passengers all started laughing.

“That was intense,” one man said.

We have seen the future. It is a train that travels at insane speeds while floating along a path.

We like what we see.

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