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Winds severely damage small planes at North Texas airport

In this Tuesday, May 23, 2017, photo provided by the City of Denton, Texas, small aircraft are shown sitting atop each other after severe weather passed through the area overnight at the Denton Enterprise Airport.(AP Photo/ City of Denton, Lindsey N. Baker)

DENTON, Texas (AP) — Authorities say at least a dozen small planes have been severely damaged when winds of nearly 50 mph struck a North Texas municipal airport and flipped some aircraft.

Denton police say some airplanes were found piled on top of each other as officials surveyed Tuesday’s storm damage at Denton Enterprise Airport . Nobody was hurt.

Airport spokeswoman Lindsey Baker says 12 to 15 planes were damaged, along with about a dozen hangars and other structures, at the city-owned aviation complex. Baker had no immediate damage estimate.

The National Weather Service says the storm struck Denton around 1 a.m. Tuesday. Forecaster Patricia Sanchez says an initial review confirmed peak winds of 48 mph, but she expects the official number to be higher.

Denton is 30 miles (48 kilometers) northwest of Dallas.

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