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White House adviser points to Trump overseas trip as strategy to stop terrorists

(AP Photo)
LISTEN: Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to the President

White House adviser Sebastian Gorka said a suicide bomber who attacked a concert in Manchester, England, was only the latest in soft targets hit by extremists.

“This isn’t about economics, it’s not about unemployed young men – it’s about evil … it’s about an ideology we have to destroy … so we come together with the people who can most affect change and on top of that we keep doing what we do here in this nation,” Gorka told KTAR News 92.3 FM’s Arizona’s Morning News on Tuesday.

Over 20 people were killed and dozens were injured Monday night at the end of an Ariana Grande concert when a bomb exploded.

Gorka said President Donald Trump’s trip to the Middle East will play a big part in stopping future attacks.

“We start with exactly what the president has been doing in Saudi Arabia and Israel, you talk truthfully about threat, no more political correctness, no more censorship of who the enemy is and what they believe and what they wish to achieve.”

The counterterorism expert cited recent attacks in Paris and at an Orlando night club last year as other public sites chosen for bloodshed and destruction.

“This is the new tactic — softest targets possible,” he said.

The Islamic State group claimed one of its “soldiers” was responsible, but United States intelligence hadn’t verified that assertion.

“It fits in the jihadi way of doing terrorism,” Gorka said.

“They’re taking their violence to the most undefended people out there, in this case, children. It’s pure evil.”

Gorka said the U.S. would assist the British in any way needed.

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