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Police looking for two voyeurism suspects in Valley

A couple of creepy guys are targeting women in dresses.

Let’s start in the West Valley. It was on Wednesday, October 17, 2012 about lunch time when a woman was shopping in the Target store at 99th Avenue and Lower Buckeye Road.

Phoenix police detective Kim Neis said the woman noticed a man standing very close to her “holding his cell phone under her dress like he was taking a photograph or a video.”

He was confronted by store employees and escorted out of the store. Police weren’t called until after he left but surveillance cameras captured a good picture of him.

“He was carrying a bright yellow and silver motorcycle helmet,” Neis said. “It matched his sports-style motorcycle that had the bright yellow, silver and white colors.”

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Next, we head to the Paradise Valley Mall area where another creeper hit two stores. The first was on Sunday, July 1, 2012 about 3 p.m.. This suspect didn’t use a camera.

Neis said the man’s first victim was shopping at the Michael’s near Cactus and Tatum roads.

“She was just shopping and got a weird feeling and noticed that this guy was sprawled-out on the floor and looking up her dress.”

His second victim was shopping at the 99 Cent Store in the same area a couple of months later on Oct. 14.

“Again, about 2:15 [p.m.]. The victim noticed he was on the floor and looking up her dress as well,” Neis said.

Even though he didn’t use a camera, Neis said it’s still a very serious crime — felony voyeurism.

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