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Man uses broadcast of Scottsdale car crash to show off dance moves

PHOENIX — There was a car accident in Scottsdale last week that involved a Lamborghini, a Mercedes-Benz and the side of a building, but the accident wasn’t the biggest news to come out of it.

The accident involved the Lamborghini crashing into the Mercedes-Benz and a third car, a Hyundai. Police are still investigating its cause, but somehow the driver of the Hyundai continued forward after the crash and sped through the entire side of the building.

Luckily, no one was injured in the accident, but the “Fast and the Furious-” like scene caused quite the mess, causing news organizations from all over the Valley to come and capture their film.

One of the clips included a news chopper from Fox 10 Phoenix that captured a man who saw an opportunity and danced away with it.

The man noticed the cameras filming the nearby incident, so he started showing off his dance moves a little bit.

The ploy worked: The cameras stopped filming the car accident and started filming him. When the man noticed he was being filmed by watching a live stream on the station’s Facebook, he played it up even more.

The man whipped out the best of the best, including the robot, for the better part of a minute. The video has been quite the hit, gaining more than two million views on Fox 10’s Facebook page alone.

According to an Fox 10 Phoenix article, the man’s name is Bryan Amann, and he was working in a nearby office building when the accident happened.

“I was in the office and I was looking at my live FOX 10 feed and I was like, ‘Something is going down,'” Amann told the television station. “I thought to myself, that’s right next door to our office. Right back there.”

Luckily, Amann brought some laughs to a scary situation.

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