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Moms voice their objections to the worst Mother’s Day gifts

Maybe you got your mother some flowers or took her out to show her how much you love her on this Mother’s Day.

But there was a group of mothers who confessed on Jimmy Kimmel’s show of some of the gifts that they got, which putting it nicely wasn’t quite what they were looking for.

Wearing masks so they can remain anonymous, the show stopped moms on Hollywood Boulevard where they confessed to getting a bag of peanuts, a bag of potato chips or lawn ornaments.

One mom professed her distaste for macaroni necklaces and anything macaroni related.

But then again when it’s guys who are in charge of getting something special for the mother of their children, the gifts may be a little confused for Father’s Day gifts, as one mom described getting hedge clippers, a bottle of wine and a gift certificate to a bait shop.

Something says dad might be getting Victora Secret’s scented lotions for Father’s Day.