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Negotiation expert Marty Latz on Trump’s negotiation record

(Marty Latz Photo)

Marty Latz taught former President Barack Obama at Harvard Law School. He also worked in the former President Bill Clinton’s White House negotiating both nationally and internationally.

This week, Latz returns to the Think Tank with a specific mandate: discuss President Donald Trump’s negotiation record and strategy.

We discuss this in terms of both foreign policy (including North Korea and China), and domestic policy (notably“Obamacare legislation). In our final segment, we take a look at the negotiation strategies employed in recent Arizona legislation, including the budget and school vouchers.

A reformed attorney, Latz is an established expert in the field of negotiation. He writes a newspaper column on negotiation, consults and gives seminars on negotiation for a wide array of clients.  He is the author of “Gain the Edge! Negotiating to Get What You Want.”

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