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Swimmers told to leave California water after 15 great white sharks spotted by shore

What is one thing you do not want to hear while swimming in the ocean?

If your answer was, “A helicopter circling while the pilot says to exit the water because 15 great white sharks have been spotted near the beach,” your worst nightmare came true.

Also, you give oddly specific answers.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office posted a video to its Facebook page on Wednesday of the exact scenario above. At least 15 great white sharks were seen swimming close to the surfline near Dana Point, slightly south of popular beaches — and Arizona vacation destinations — such as Newport and Huntington beaches.

“You are paddleboarding next to approximately 15 great white sharks,” Deputy Brian Stockbridge said in the video. “They are advising you exit the water in a calm manner. The sharks are as close as the surfline.”

Despite the presence of so many predators — and a shark attack in the area two weeks ago — the Orange County Register reported the ocean was not closed to swimmers. That scenario only happens if a shark is acting aggressive or is longer than 8 feet.

“We haven’t had any reports of anyone being bumped or charged, just observations of them either swimming or breaching,” OC Lifeguards Chief Jason Young told the paper.

Young also said there have been several reports in recent days of juvenile great whites in the area.

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