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Arizona brother goes above and beyond to create viral gender reveal announcement

PHOENIX — An Arizona man went above and beyond what was needed when he created a gender reveal video for his brother’s baby that is going viral.

Chris Washington posted the video to Instagram earlier this week. Some couples simply post a video on Facebook, but Washington said his brother, Richard, and Richard’s wife, Janette, who live in Gilbert, wanted to do something more.

“Richard loves shooting and wanted to make a gender reveal video and incorporate his love for shooting and show their excitement to friends and family with a exciting video,” Chris said in an email.

The video stars Richard, who is first shown driving through the desert to the tune of a country song.

It may look like a commercial for visiting Arizona, but the video takes a turn when Richard hops out of the truck and walks up to a rifle sitting on a hill.

The video cuts to black and white when Richard take his shot.

We thought it may have been an editing error at first, but the color comes back shortly after and reveals a massive puff of blue powder, meaning Richard and Janette will soon be welcoming a baby boy.

If the gender reveal was this big of a production, we can only wonder what will happen when the little boy is actually born.

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