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Small Arizona village named among most isolated towns in the world

(Flickr/Reed Wiedower)

PHOENIX — A small village near the Grand Canyon in Arizona has been named among the most isolated towns in the world, according to the outdoor site Active Times.

Supai, Arizona, is a small village that houses the Havasupai tribe. It is located on the bottom of Havasu Canyon, a branch of the Grand Canyon, and is on the Havasupai Nation reservation.

But why is it named one of the most isolated towns in the world, you may ask?

Supai is located eight miles from the nearest road, so yes, getting to a Target or Starbucks would be difficult, but no cars can reach it.

That’s right — no cars can reach the tiny village town of Supai. You can only get there by helicopter, on foot or by mule.

The hike is 8 miles, with a 2,004-foot decent, from the Hualapai Hilltop, or you can take a helicopter through AirWest Helicopters from the hilltop to Supai.

The town also houses just 208 people, according to the 2010 U.S. Census Bureau, and has just one school. Supai itself is just 1.7 square miles of land.

Some of the other towns named the most isolated in the world included Easter Island, Chile; Oymyakon, Siberia; Kalaupapa, Hawaii and Whittier, Alaska.

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