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Arizona Rep. Gosar doesn’t expect quick Senate action on health bill


PHOENIX — U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar (R-Ariz.) supported the recently passed House health bill with reservation.

After the vote last week, Gosar said the bill was not a full repeal of Obamacare but these changes will immediately eliminate Obamacare taxes, lower health insurance premiums, offer more choices for Arizonans and begins the process of rebuilding a patient-centered market.

“Does [American Health Care Act] have everything I like in a bill? No, but that’s how you make sausage. There’s compromises that come with it,” Gosar said this week in Tempe before the Arizona Manufacturers Council breakfast.

Gosar said Wednesday he didn’t believe the Senate will take up any type of health care bill until after Memorial Day and it could be well into the summer before anything happens.

As for what comes out of the Senate on health care?

“Anything can go,” he said. “They always say the Democrats are the opposition and the Senate is always the enemy. There’s a number of Senators that want to make changes. There are things they can add or subtract.

“Here in Arizona, most of the state just has one option when it comes to insurers. That’s not a fundamental process that works. You’re seeing [insurers] pulling out of Ohio, Iowa and Virginia.”

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