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Study: Fifty-six percent of 2015 Arizona college graduates have student loan debt

Arizona State University students celebrate in this spring 2006 graduation photo. A new report said 2014 college graduates from Arizona had some of the lowest student debt rates in the nation. (Photo:Tom Story/ASU)

If you graduated from a college in 2015, chances are you still have remaining student loan debt, according to one study.

Of the 2015 Arizona college graduates, the most recent class for which data was available, The Institute for College Access & Success found that 56 percent of those graduates have student loan debt. The average amount of debt was $23,780.

That’s significantly lower than the national average of 68 percent of students who are $30,100 in debt.

Arizona ranked 43rd in the highest average amount of debt and 36th in the proportion of student with debt.

The data was compiled from 1,116 colleges across the country.

The state with the lowest average debt in the study was Utah, which had 41 percent of their 2015 graduates with student loan debt with an average debt was $18,873.

The highest average debt was in New Hampshire, where $36,101 was the average debt. A staggering 76 percent of 2015 graduates in New Hampshire had student loan debt.

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